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Imperative 06 - Net Positive Energy

Owners' Intent  To design and install technology that provides safe, pollution-free energy for year-round operation.

Goal To generate more renewable energy than actually needed, including energy for transport.

The TetraMapped process to achieve the goal

Earth Generate 120% of household energy requirements, with battery storage for resiliency. Excess returned to the grid or used to charge Electric Vehicles.

Air Monitor energy production and use to improve efficiency and reduce waste. 50degree panel angles on deck balustrade to maximise winter capture.

Water Share with locals via EV and electric outboard charging.

Fire Blog and facilitate to shift mindsets toward sustainable habits, beliefs and actions.

The will to act is a renewable resource..
Al Gore



Generation: a 6kW system with 26 solar panels.

Batteries: 11kWh, probably Tesla.

Heating: An air to water heat pump will maintain a 300 litre thermal store at 50°C for heating radiators and potable hot water. However, the kitchen sink will get boosted to 55°C via an under-bench 25 litre hot water cylinder.

PV generation
Hot water and heating electric energy
Cooking energy
Kitchen hot water, dishwasher, fridge energy
Bathrooms ventilation, heat lamps and towel rails.
Electric plugs energy.
EV charging

10 Solar Panels3

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