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Imperative 19 - Beauty and Spirit
Imperative 20 - Inspiration and Education

Owners' Intent  To design and build a beautiful Living-Building that acknowledges Nature’s gifts to the land and its occupants.

Goal Tanglewood is a manifestation of Nature’s beauty and spirit.

The TetraMapped process to achieve the goal

Earth Bring the land and sea in: clay into wall plaster, a 'walk on the beach' through design and feel.

Air Through dialog and facilitation, shift mindsets toward the beauty and spirit of Living buildings and communities.

Water Each relationship is an opp to engage, educate and inspire. (suppliers, locals, occupants, guests)

Fire Advocay: website, open house, signage, videos

Our culture induces us to become too cerebral, logical and rational … by their exclusive demands it is possible to lose touch with the feelings of wonder and mystery, with the joy of the irrational, the beauty of the illogical, the profundity of the absurd, the spontaneity of the unplanned, the enchantment of the unknown… There is nothing logical or rational about love, humour, fun, joy or wonder.

Russell Frank Atkinson, Naturopath, Mystic, Author  (Yoshimi had the privilege to work with Russell at Blackmores in the 80's. Russell now resides in Oz bush.

Story Specifics

Interior and exterior designs started with nature’s metaphors: the paua shell with its external resilience and internal beauty, and the rata tree, which reflects the dismantling of Tanglewood1 and restoration of Tanglewood2.

Nature’s forces were measured from the beginning with a study of earth energy lines and by replacing negative forces with positive affirmations. Information warranted floorplan design considerations. The sun’s energy and light, earth’s contours and clay, aged trees and views all came into play to support a healthy, vibrant Tanglewood, inside and out.

Tanglewood’s Biophilia Workshop was the first opportunity to offer TetraMap, a model created and developed by the owners, as a new way of considering a holistic approach to designing and building.  At the heart of TetraMap is Nature – Earth-Air-Water-Fire.  At the heart of most developmental solutions are Nature’s lessons that reflect Inter-dependence, synergy and zero waste.

Tanglewood’s LBC aspiration is to shift mind-sets toward how to design, create and live in a healthy, sustainable, beautiful environment, hand-in-hand with Nature.