Jason McClennan’s books Transformational Thought 1 & 2, challenges mindsets and describes what we need to DO ‘to make the world work for all of humanity and the planet.’ (BR Fuller). Yoshimi and Jon Brett felt the least they could DO was experiment with the design and build of their own home.

The Living Building Challenge reflects a flower – both technically and metaphorically. The technical aspects of the challenge are in the 7 certification petals. 
(See the International Living Future Institute's website,

Tanglewood, seeks certification in three Petals: Energy, Health and Happiness, and Beauty and Spirit. However, the Tanglewood team works to meet requirements of all 7 Petals as best possible. The underlying principle of the entire project is to REDUCE WASTE... waste in all its forms: resources, angst, energy, talent, etc. Well over a year into the project...evidence shows that their approaches have reduced the stress and conflict often associated with design and builds.  The waste generated by inefficiences and conflict are minimal resulting to date in a project that fosters the energy and beauty of a Living Building.

lbc place


Designing and building Tanglewood has reconnected us with the land and shared her stories. We honour these stories by restoring the ecology of the land and acknowledging those who settled here before us. MORE...

lbc beauty


Tanglewood is a manifestation of Nature’s beauty and spirit. MORE...

Symbol Air
lbc healthandhappiness

Health & Happiness

Tanglewood will provide all occupants and visitors, spaces and experiences designed to nurture optimum health and happiness. MORE...

Symbol Water


120% of renewable energy will be supplied on-site on a net annual basis with on-site storage for resiliency. Focus is on safe, pollution-free operation year-round.  MORE...

Symbol Fire
lbc water


Climate change drives Tanglewood to reduce waste of this precious resource and prepare for extreme weather shifts.  MORE...

lbc materials


The intent is to foster a materials economy that is non-toxic, ecologically restorative, transparent and socially equitable. MORE...

lbc equity


From design to completion, Tanglewood endeavours to foster a sense of community that is just, equitable and collaborative. Mother Nature is on the team to support regenerative development.  MORE...