JYWith backgrounds in facilitation, the environment and technology, Yoshimi and Jon Brett created a model and business in 2000 called TetraMap International. TetraMap is a model, tool, framework and approach. Applied, it gets people talking and working together more humanely and sustainably. 

TetraMap’s vision is to “reduce conflict and leverage diversity” in workplaces and communities. The model weaves together lessons from Nature and Buckminster Fuller.  Now with the business in younger hands, the Bretts' venture into leveraging the many lessons they've learned. Via the LBC, Jon and Yoshimi integrate the wisdoms of Fuller, McClellan, Kellert and the many who've dedicate their lives to regenerative development.

Jon and Yoshimi TetraMapped the Triple-Bottom-Line many years ago to include the Element of Fire.

Earth:  PLANET
Air:      PROFIT
Fire:    LEGACY

They believe it's important we all constantly ask ourselves how we're doing in each...and how generations to come will fare from our actions.



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Why TetraMap resonates with Maori and many indigenous cultures