The journey continues to gather momentum as more walk with us: Like Nature, we work inter-dependently to create synergy. Also, like Nature, the path is not always clear, leaves fall and blow away, and new paths are explored.

Bob Wilkinson: Friend, advisor - management discipline and former Howick neighbour.

Antonia Walmsley and Rebecca Walker: Architects who helped us with initial design concepts to formulate tough questions we needed to ask ourselves about Tanglewood, LBC, etc.

Michelle Johannsen, architect: Michelle started our LBC journey by sharing her LBC expertise and insights as an  ILFI 'hero' ambassador.

David Loughlin, architect: David took up where Michelle left off and, with his architectural flair and understanding of LBC, created beautiful designs.  Coming 'down-to-earth', it was important to move forward with a more practical, functional, affordable design with...

Eddie van Uden: Architectural Designer, Draughtsman extraordinaire

BioBuild: Alan Drayton, Ross, Sharon, Dylan and Siaosi: are our build team who have for many years demonstrated their commitment to create healthy, sustainable life by building biologically and ecologically sensitive environments.

Evident: Matt Fordham is our Comms Consultant who will help share lessons learned with future L-B designers and builders;
Shay Brazier, services engineer, is our solar consultant.  Shay and Jo have the only LBC certified Net Zero house in NZ.

Trish Love Consultants: Tricia Love, Jo Woods: Both are services engineers. Trish is our generous and knowledgeable LBC consultant who has several LBC projects under her wing; Jo is our Thermal modelling consultant who understands all about keeping warm.

Taini Drummond and Karen Frost: from Whare Matariki, Howick:  Taini has devoted much of her life to the whare and to educating thousands who visit this oasis of Maori culture.

Patricia, Richard, Kathleen (Gillies), Francesca, Patrick Adams: Livng and owning the home Jon was raised in, they sit alongside sharing the whenua and views.

Carolyn and Paul Pollard: Friends who have been a part of the Howick community for many years, now even closer as supportive next-door neighbours and advisors.

Nicky Crocker: Nicky's passion is to keep us all safe by listening to the whenua (earth).  Her capabilities as a geomancer has helped us design Tanglewood with the earth's energy lines in mind.

Te Whangai: John Walter and his team (Nga, Luke, Fred, Sione, Jo, Alex) unpeeled a layer of weeds to reveal the rich land beneath.  They will return to help us design and plant the landscape that will envelop and feed us.

Recycled Products: Tim and Leeann are skilled in removing the hazards of the past...asbestos.  In 3 days, they took great care in ensuring Tanglewood was cleared and safe for dismantling.

Clearsite: Rocky, Cliff, Ian, Tui and Dylan work in a world where house demolition is the norm.  They are dismantlers, de-construction artists who share our goals to minimise waste and 'zero to landfill.'  Not easy in the current mindset and costly in time and $$. Together, we made a start.

Bull Electrical: Tony, Tain and Brad make up part of a reputable, skilled team of electricians.  They will 'light us up!' and are fired up to learn more about sustainability...for their families and the planet.

Rob Le Heron: Lighting Specialist...anything and everything that you'd ever want to know about lighting and how to create a beautiful, biophilic home.

Carpetland: Damon and Lawrence generously provided us with free carpet to cover the land. Originally for weed for mud-control for a very wet year!   We will turn to them for our 100% wool carpeting.

Resene's Amy Watkins: First Resene's is a sponsor of SBN (Sustainable Business Network). Great products with strong commiment to sustainable solutions.
Amy is one of the Colour Specialists...professional with a keen eye for colour at their Newmarket showroom.

Rebecca Banks, Certified Kitchen Designer, Stewart Scott Cabinetry has a eye for design and a heart for sustainability.

Terry Neale LOVES timber!  He took a piece of salvage and returned with a work of art. Think what he'll create for our bar!



Nature's Neighbours:

Tanglewood has always looked out to our neighbour Motuihe Island.  From every north-facing window in Tanglewood 2, we'll continue to enjoy our friend. We've been sailing to her for over 30 years, enjoying with gratitude her kai moana, sunrises and sunsets.  We now visit to join the thousands who continue to restore Motuihe as a santuary for native flora and fauna...a true gem of the Hauraki Gulf.

Motuihe frm Tanglewood

Below, the view from Motuihe to Tanglewood! 

Below: Our neighbour to the west, Rangitoto Island.Rangitoto frm Tanglewood

Below: Rangitoto to Tanglewood.


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