At Peace

First, we hope you are safe and well. To our US whanau and friends...if ever there was a time to vote for change, this is it.  EGO must be ECO...anything else steers the planet and humanity toward geno and eco-cide.

While the world is reeling in the wake of COVID, wars and injustice - here we're safe, healthy and celebrating. Tanglewood as a sanctuary and learning place has a lot to do with our theme: EGO & ECO, being grateful and advocating change.


EGO-logical - ECO-logical
Which logic do you use to make decisions? A great lesson learned from Tanglewood is that Nature's principles, which we've always aspired to apply, are also at the heart of taming our egos to fuel ecological solutions. This may be a better way of advocating...helping people to understand how ECO fuels EGO.  Currently our social, economic and political ego-systems have embedded beliefs and values that foster greed, destruction and have taken us to the edge.  The challenge is to look beyond the self and take action for Nature.


EGO-system - ECO system
Tanglewood played to the system of 'certification' and in the end, earned LBC Petal Certification (Yay!). Big picture, the discipline taught us valuable eco-principles that will help the build industry shift from fulfilling ego-needs to nourishing humanity and our planet's eco-needs.


EGO diversity and inter-dependence
We ALL have Egos. Our future depends on how we engage, offer wise choices and make decisions. NZ's current govt, led by Jacinda Ardern has taught the world about engaging a team of 5 million by being FIRM, CLEAR, CALM, and BRIGHT in dealing with emergencies and fear. It's not over...nor will it probably ever be...but inter-dependence, diversity, trust and kindness are key.


EGO-centric - ECO-centric
Whilst fulfilling our ego-needs for beauty, quality and sharing our past, Tanglewood taught us about handprinting – giving back more than we take. Net Zero Energy is admirable, but Net 140% Energy was unexpected and inspiring. This amazing outcome set a new standard that helped us replace negative habits with healthy, biophilic behaviours and solutions. Collectively, we have the technology and science needed NOW to design & create safe, healthy homes for all. Collectively, we must model and advocate how ECO can shift EGO toward a better world. Momentum is growing to foster that shift. Be a part of that change NOW!


ECO fuels her EGO

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