World Green Building Week (23-29 Sept 2019) an annual campaign that motivates and empowers us all to deliver greener buildings


Tanglewood Showcase 29 Sept 2019

SuperHome & Living Building Challenge Project

Tanglewood demonstrated how easy it is being green:

  • solar generation... Check out footprint: Learn about Handprinting.
  • battery storage
  • EV charging... our car runs on sun
  • hydronic heating and cooling
  • joys of electric cooking...outside even!
  • insulation... and extra thick walls
  • ventilation...fresh air year-round
  • healthy materials...non-toxic, sustainable
  • waste minimisation... simple habit changes
  • biophilia...what it is. Feel/sense it when you enter
  • behaviour change... learn small simple steps to reduce CO2 and waste
  • pledge climate action and be in to win! (Mag subscription - organic wine - subscription membership)


KermitKermit thinks being green can be cool

and it's what he wants to be.

How about you?