Climate Change March

It’s been a harrowing time locally and globally. This month’s TetraMap asks questions for all of us in light of our proactive youth. Amidst photos of our Living Building Challenge journey, we've shared photos from local events to keep us grounded and thinking.

With the first two months of energy monitoring behind us, experimenting with heat pumps and reducing consumption continue to be interesting challenges. With tweaks and behaviour modification, there’s ample energy for our new EV as well as contributing electricity into the grid. Though most complain of the low cents/kWh return, we reframe to see it as a way to give back for the massive amount of energy used to create the materials and build Tanglewood. Meanwhile, biophilic touches have made Tanglewood a serene sanctuary for us as Aotearoa and the world face violence and pain.

Keep an open mind and consider that the photos challenge us to look in the mirror to our own futures. Bucky’s quote takes us to that mirror.

If success or failure of this planet and of human beings depended on how I am and what I do... 


What would I do?


How would I be?


W Who would join us?


What would we become?


Kia kaha, kia kotahi ra.
As-salaam alaikum.
Our strength is our unity.
Peace be unto you.

Jacinda Ardern,
Prime Minister, Aotearoa New Zealand




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