We are in!

We're IN!  Time to check how close, or not, we've lived LBC principles.  Read on for BIGGEST wins and challenges


Earth: Ecologically Restorative

Win: Working with a build team that believes in and understands that changes/sacrifices are no longer options, but imperatives.

Challenge: Shifting mind-sets of friends, neighbours, suppliers, community, Council, etc. Modelling is not enough – must shout-out, be courageous and patient - not easy.


Air: Socially Just

Win: Concept of "fair exchange" worked. Found ways to generously give and receive quality.

Challenge: Shifting-mind-sets around the true costs of not thinking/behaving ecologically.


Water: Culturally Rich

Win: Tanglewood is a living, breathing, loving home that acknowledges the land and people who set its foundations.

Challenge: Nurturing the land to ensure restorative development.


Fire: Inspiringly Creative!

Win: Welcoming the eco-consious and the curious to visit, ask questions and envision healthier lives and sustainable actions.

Challenge: Engaging and motivating people to NOT waste ANYthing amidst a tsunami of wasteful habits, mind-sets.and burying of heads.



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