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Team BioBuild: focused on sustainability; joyful in execution; beautiful results

It’s not about building a beautiful and sustainable house, it’s about the journey of behaviours, beliefs and commitment to create a beautiful and sustainable home.

Values keep the project on track

The first major hiccup finds us behind schedule with serious cost overruns.  A flurry of meetings and taking of deep breaths brings everyone back to 'centre'...re-motivated, re-energised whilst reflecting on lessons learned. Project values were explicitly defined and shared. Here are highlights that should help any team under pressure to maintain momentum.


RESPONSIBILITY Clarity of roles & responsibilities
Specifically: Notifications of missed deadlines and changes in roles are immediate. Ensure hand-overs are clearly understood and that each person has the tools and information required to complete tasks.


TRANSPARENCY Frequency and clarity of communication essential.
Specifically: It is essential that communication is frequent and clear. Define tasks for functionality, meaning and how outcomes fit into the big picture.


INTER-DEPENDENCE Work collaboratively.
Keep all parties involved in the task in-the-know and contributing ideas as well as energy.


CREATIVITY Pioneer solutions that keep us honest & sustainable
To reach our vision, stay on path and minimise spend, Think outside the norm and synergise ideas!



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