1950 visions

Untangling tangled woods 

to views into the future

Births: Tanglewood , playroom and Jonny Brett 

Howick Beach 1950 Mum Granny
Idyllic childhood on-the-beach. Days of fun, freedom, no fear. Mum, Granny and the family in Dad's modern, utility-driven designs.

Mum passes all too soon. The playroom morphs and extends eastward


1977 We (Jon and Yoshimi) leave Howick to sail the Pacific and live in Japan.

1980 we return to Howick with Tanglewood caring well for Dad and Step-Mum, Beryl. Dad continues to 'develop' Tanglewood with extensions and more angles framing the islands.Yoshimi works on development of the Old Auckland Customhouse...Ivan Mercep, Dad's former student was key architect. Early connections to restoring life back into structure.

1982 We're off again - this time to Oz for 6 years. Work in natural health and Sydney sailing keep us connected to nature's gifts.

1989 We return just in time for the GFC and settle just up the road from Tanglewood. Since, we've endeavoured to live a life that integrates what we believe in around health, the environment and the work of Buckminster Fuller. Our visions for humanity and the planet align with his and manifested in our creation of "TetraMap"- A model, tool, framework, and approach to reduce conflict and leverage diversity.

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Rangitoto, a nearby island, reflects TetraMap's four Elements: Earth-Air-Water-Fire

EARTH like the mountain is Firm
AIR like the wind is Clear
WATER like the bay is Calm
FIRE like the sun is Bright!
Our life goal is to be Firm, Clear, Calm, and Bright and reflect nature in all we say and do.


2014: Jon inherits Tanglewood with Beryl's passing at the age of 101 years.

2015: Design thinking begins.

Treasures are discovered, buried in Dad's office. 1970 drawings: the house, mailbox...windvane even!


After months of research. Decisions made: Reduce waste, re-use, recycle.

Another Michael Brett designed home... 

And going to landfill.

Negotiations to re-use, recycle begin.

We learn more about the land through geomancy.

Papatunuku: Earth Mother energy radiates

2016: We read Jason's book, "Transformational Thought" given to us by our TetraMap associates.  Inspired, we decided to apply TetraMap and restore Tanglewood via the "Living-Building Challenge"  The adventure begins!


2016 Milestones

EARTH Unearth the facts about the land

AIR  Plan and prep for LBC

WATER  Build a LBC project team and engage community

FIRE Inspire biophilia with creative design solutions


Book: TetraMap: develop people and business the way nature intended by Yoshimi and Jon Brett

Book: Transformational Thought by Jason McLennan, founder of the Living Building Challenge.


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