Tanglewood photo up-date at   https://youtu.be/g5XWLjHEYyc

A HUGE THANKS!!! to the Project Team for your input and support.  The best part for us is seeing how inter-dependence creates synergy!

Suppliers recommended for service and care. Bottom-line: nice people - joy to work with.

Te Whangai Trust  www.tewhangai.org  (horticulture; gardening; land clearing)

Clearsite  www.clearsite.co.nz  (deconstruction and salvage capture)

Nicky Crocker http://www.clearenergyhomes.com/  (geomancer)

Recycled Products: Tim and Lee Ann (asbestos removers via clearsite)

Bull Electrical  www.bullelectrical.co.nz (Tony, Tain, and Brad will be joining the project as our electricians.  Excellent service and keen to learn more about LBC et al.)

Carpetland, Howick (donated all that carpet!) www.carpetland.co.nz

Building consents lodged - house dismantling complete this week - building consent for Adams repair in the works.
Reminder: The project is flowing nicely reflecting we’re all on track in living the principles…thanks?   Consider which Element you can focus on to strengthen your personal and professional development. 
(Ephemeralization = Bucky's word for doing more with less)
好 Yoshimi and Jon

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