shizenwideWe see us all watching the America's Cup from Tanglewood's deck or our yacht Shizen (means Nature in Japanese). Yachting is an ideal metaphor for this month’s up-date.

Sir Peter Blake with the America's Cup 1995

During the hay days of TEAM NZ, Jon and Yoshimi invited Sir Peter Blake to be a surprise speaker at a team building session they held for Telecom’s Marketing Dept.  Memorable. He shared his keys to team success. TetraMapped, they’d be:


His legacy about team performance was reflected in our America’s Cup win this week!

The same keys are opening hearts and minds to the Tanglewood Project and to what we are all doing in the name of sustainability and restoration. Thanks again for your contribution and hard work. 
Book by 7 Goup and Bill Reed flipintegration6 of the Tanglewood Team attended Bill Reed’s session on Integrative Design and Living Systems. His system makes sense, though complex to begin.  The bottom-line message for us was... work TOGETHER and keep it:

Collaborative (open, honest, EARLY in the game!)
Clear (monitor, review, give & receive feedback)
Straight forward (on-the-table to discuss, dissect, innovate)
Motivating (fulfilling, affirming, fun even!)


Suggestion for the month: Visit to see how the Sustainable Business Network can help your business.  

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