Together we’re building a new model.  The existing ‘how to build a house’ model has provided rules, great designs and innovations… along with incredible waste. Reducing waste is our project’s key commitment – waste of resources, time, talent, energy.

This and future up-dates will attempt to TetraMap (v.) our design & build solutions and create questions, that when answered, will help others design, build and communicate ecologically and sustainably. We endeavour to create a new model as Bucky describes...

pilesEarth is FIRM

Lesson: Setting FIRM foundations. It’s easy to lose sight of goals when steeped in the details, schedules, budgets. The importance of getting and keeping everyone on the same page is a significant challenge.

Question: What firm foundation agreements/policies must be created AND AGREED TO, so that at any time, reference to them keep things moving forward?

plansAir is CLEAR

Lesson: Know and respect the skills and experiences of each player. Help everyone appreciate everyone else’s contribution. Ask questions to keep things transparent and provide guidance.

Questions:.  A couple of good ones:   “What’s bugging you?”  “Have you heard about the Sustainable Business Network?  They can help you develop and stick to your environmental and sustainability goals."

tewhangaiWater is CALM

Lesson: Ask and listen.

Questions:  How do we promote and engage all stakeholders to be open to LEARNING…and to develop their own sustainability ethos?  What’s in it for them to think and behave sustainably?

coloursFire is BRIGHT!

Lesson: Hold onto your vision…and have the courage to change and adapt. Stick to your values.

Question: What questions can I ask that will give me feedback, help others learn and everyone to improve?

e.g. We started a feedback system with suppliers. Read the questions here and excerpts from our house dismantler…one of our first suppliers.Supplier Feedback (PDF)


May Video update (YouTube)

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