Tanglewood VisualisationView TangledWoodsTanglewood is a new, single family dwelling designed and built based on the personal and business values of its owners.  Tanglewood’s story is seeded in the wisdom of Buckminster Fuller, Jason McClellan, and the many pioneers who have dedicated themselves to awakening humanity to Mother Nature’s needs over our own. Tanglewood’s goal is to demonstrate that humans can and must mother Mother Nature…together.

Like many sustainability endeavours, Tanglewood is based on philosophy, advocacy, demonstration and collaboration.  It uses a learning tool and approach created by the owners to enrich and realise every plan and action.  The tool is called “TetraMap”. TetraMap reflects the diversity of Earth, Air, Water and Fire to support holistic design and development.

The principles that guide Tanglewood’s Living-Building are to BE:

  • Like Earth: FIRM and Ecologically Restorative
  • Like Air: CLEAR and Socially Just
  • Like Water: CALM and Culturally Rich
  • Like Fire: BRIGHT and Inspiringly Creative!

The project stands on the shoulders of architects, engineers, technicians and academics who have given strong evidence for the need to change our habits in the name of survival and regeneration. The LBC offers an opportunity for us to do this and to leverage development quickly – through what often seems a painstakingly slow process.

Tanglewood’s focus is on integrative development. The plan of action is based on valuing and leveraging the diversity of all contributors with a thought for how those who come after will benefit and flourish.  Integration is about being curious, asking questions, listening and having the courage to care.

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